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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  June 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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he confessed to strangling a woman in a deet alley -- detroit alley. he tells police her husband forced him to do it at gun point. in a new twist bob share a has been arrested but not for his wife's murder. >> i think he believes this is all part of a setup. >> reporter: the setup bob share a is accused of hiring a second hit man to take out the first one who is currently sitting in jail. mr. bashara was accused of having a mistress and being involved in an elite s&m club.
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there are questions on why bob bashara was never arrested. want to show you video out of sarasota, florida. these are pictures of the waves. debby's heavy rains and strong winds are hitting florida from all different directions. this a gas station surrounded by water in crawfordville. the pumps are out of water. at this point you can't even see the parking lot. i bet the prices will be going up there. parts of northern florida have received more than one foot of rain in just the last 24 hours. as is so often the case in tropical storm debby, really a rain problem, not so much the wind. it a huge, huge rain maker for parts of the south. in maryland, the opposite. could not be drier or anymore
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clear. temperatures falling. beautiful northwest winds coming in beyond the cool front. there's been that enhanced fire risk because it's so dry and windy. so be very careful. otherwise, enjoy it. 70s with a few clouds. it could be 30 degrees warmer. we've got those details coming up. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. so are you looking for something truly out of the ordinary to do. head down to the inner harbor. it is the grand opening of ripley's believe it or not. rosie, they've got some really off the wall things to do inside the place. >> reporter: you know, they got a guy down there that's swallowing word ises and another guy lay -- swords and another guy laying on a bed of nails.
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>> step right up to see the monsters, the oddities, the things that make you say i believe it or not. they have the kind of nasty, but it's cool. >> we ask them to suspend their belief. we like to position ourselves as the leader in the weird, strange and unbelievable. >> reporter: where else can you find a big elvis or a full sized replica of hogwarts made out of half a million match sticks. obviously, a lot of people with time on their hands. for maize to getting lost in. the intent is to have a good
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time. believe it or not. >> we'll always bring something unique and fun. we'll have people doing sword swallowing. it will always be interactive and people oriented. we want people to say i don't believe it. >> reporter: as i was walking around, i must have said that five or six times, maybe more. there are funky, cool, kind of weird things in there that when you look at them and see them, they're cool. the museum actually opened up around the beginning of june. what you have now is what the official -- they have the official grand opening. they will do that at 6:00. i guess in a true ripley's way, what they're going to do is bring a guy in, one of those big metal saws and cut a peels of the wire that nick wallenda used.
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>> what was the oddest thing you saw? >> it was that two headed goat. you're looking at all the harry potter stuff. all of a sudden, there's a two headed goat. the two headed goat, that was creepy. they got plenty of stuff to see. >> all right. we look forward to that grand opening coming up tonight at 6:00. >> coming up, a family trapped in their vacation home as floodwaters rise higher and higher. we got the dramatic rescue captured on video. >> and talk about taking the plunge. a dock gives way beneath a wedding party, dropping them into water. what the bride said happened.
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the coast guard captured this rescue. a family became stranded off the panhandle when storm waters from tropical storm debby started rising it. was a full house. the coast guard chopper managed to lift everyone, including the dog to safety. the good news, nobody was hurt. one couple brought new
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meaning to the phrase "taking the plunge." during the wedding picture the dock gave way and the bride and the wedding party got second. the bride said the gown was so heavy they were got wet that she had trouble getting her footing. looks like they all laughed about it. a truck crashed into the back of a home in charlottesville, virginia. the truck was collecting trash when the driver told police the brakes failed and the truck started rolling through the fence into the back of a building. the driver and another worker had to jump out of the truck. they both had minor injuries. no one was home at the time. the driver of the truck will not face any charges. this was an emotional day on the set of "good morning america." nearly everyone on the show registered to become bone marrow donors all because of robin roberts.
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anchors, reporters, editors, writers joined together for a very important cause. they registered to be the match, bone marrow donors. robin roberts will soon be undergoing a bone marrow transplan she is lucky. her doctor is a match but not everyone is so lucky. >> reporter: people are signing up to save a life.
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it's the first company wide bone marrow drive, encouraging employees to become a donor. it's all inspired by "good morning america" anchor, robin roberts. >> i am really touched that people want to help. >> reporter: on june 11th, robin surprised the nation saying she has a blood disorder condition caused by a breast cancer treatment. >> i've always been a fighter. you helped me win that fight. >> reporter: she now need as bone marrow transplant that her doctors said will help cure the condition. her sister is a match. that happens only 30% of the time. moss people rely on the kindness of strangers. >> i want to see everyone who is in feed for a bone marrow transpla that they receive a perfect match. >> reporter: since robin's
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announcement, over 11,000 people have registered. >> i wanted to donate to see if i could be a match. >> we want to do what we can to help thousands looking for that lifesaving marrow match. >> reporter: some people said they think it will be painful to register or donate. it's not true. to register is a simple swab collecting cells from inside of your cheek. if you're a match, it's similar to a blood transfusion. >> communities see us at abc and communities all across the country. a simple little swab test. >> reporter: save lives and inspire others to do the same. start off with debby. she continued to wallop northern
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florida with heavy, heavy rains. parts getting well over a foot of rain, too much too fast. severe flooding across places like panama city and now reaching into the jacksonville area. where's debby headed next? we think she will be well offshore by 2:00 thursday afternoon. as we take a longer term look, the storm moves off toward the east coast. there will be a lack of concern where debby does. 78 today and 31% your relative humidity. chesapeake bee -- beach. it was so nice in the severn river, a little kiteboarding with the wind surfing. the wind was whipping out across the bay. bel air, trees shaking in the breeze. how about baltimore. you can see that change in the
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water color. on the whole a bright and sunny scenario. crystal clear, should continue to be. temperatures so comfortable on that northwesterly wind. enjoy them while we got them. this sun usual for late june. unusual we'll get another evening, even tomorrow will not be bad. north westerly winds will let up by tomorrow but they will stay breezy. we're gusting to nearly 25 miles an hour. very, very dry conditions. the winds plus these types of dry conditions, four to six inches behind. our typical rainfall totals, very dry, enhanced burn risk, especially with the cigarettes, cigar butts. a couple of clouds to the west. the main weather continues to be south, all associated with tropical storm debby. but you can see most of the moisture staying south, staying
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south of the carolinas through thursday. it could move north, hundreds of miles offshore by ocean city by the weekend. it could send surfs into the beaches. you already see a lot of the convex. debbie is not expected to strength into a hurricane but stay. 57 overnight. tomorrow your two-degree guarantee sunny, 86. what a gorgeous day. warmer than today but less breezy. low humidity through tomorrow night. tomorrow night probably the last night we'll have for awhile where you open up the window, no ac required. temperatures reflecting that. we're back in the 90s on thursday, and take a look at this trend into the weekend. you're getting very hot as the temperatures surge up to near 100. >> creeping back up. thanks a lot, wyatt. now to democracy 2012 news
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tonight. the obama campaign is unleashing a new angle to a very familiar lay tack. tory dunnan joins us now washington. looks like bain capital again, but what's the focus this time around? >> reporter: this time the obama campaign is focusing on mitt romney's pattern of outsourcing jobs. the ad goes after mitt romney's time at bain company and that they outsourced to india and china. >> the "washington post" has just revealed that romney's company was a pioneer in outsourcing jobs overseas. >> reporter: the "washington post" article came out and romney's campaign dismissed it as fundamentally flawed. that ad is set to layer in three key battleground states. one already iowa. two others will be airing in virginia and ohio as well. >> let's talk about the supreme
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court ruling on healthcare. that's expected to come out on thursday. what did romney have to say? did he weigh in? >> reporter: this decision is looming over all of us. now we're getting more insight into how ram prowl might react regardless of what the supreme court ruling is. here's what he had to say. >> if obama care is not deemed constitutional then the first three and a half years will have been wasted on something that's not helping the american people f it's deemed to stand, then i tell you one thing we'll have to have a president to get rid of obama care and we will stop it on day one. >> reporter: president obama held a campaign event in ja and talked about healthcare saying it's pointless to go backwards and refight this bat ole all right. tory dunnan thanks for that live report. now that the supreme court has thrown out the tough parts
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of arizona's immigration act, the controversial show me your papers provision can stand but going forward states cannot make it a crime to be in the u.s. illegally and cannot enact laws that interfere with federal pollcy. a second law with an impact on the presidential campaign section spect thursday -- is expected thursday. rielle hunter has revealed that she and john edwards have called it quits. the book hits store shelves. her affair was unveiled during the 2008 campaign. it led to corruption charges against the candidate. a jury acquitted him of one charge. five others were dropped after the jury deadlocked.
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>> i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, gas prices have been dropping, but according to police, not enough for some anne arundel employees. how investigators say they made off with county gas. already making a packing list for the beach? what you need to put on your list to eat healthy. those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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facebook users are not happy about a change on their profile pages. now the social network is setting up the default to an at
5:56 pm address. that's the address other users see. every users gets a free account but many don't use it. a rep said it's rolling out about 900 million users. if you don't like the change, you can change this to anything you want by editing the contact in the section right there in your profile. mac users looking for keep travel on orbitz might not be getting the lowest deal on the front page. abc2 has more. >> reporter: they're taking a look at the spending habits. according to the wall street journal orbitz has found mac use ares spend as much as 30% more on hotel accommodations than those using pc's. so a mac use are may see a more
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expensive four or five star hotel. critics say that's price discrimination but orbitz say the price is the same no matter what computer you us. >> you can sort by price,al a bet cal. there's no way we're treating mac or pc users differently. we love them both. >> reporter: even though they say they don't tailor results this way, this could be the wave of the future. reporting from new york. >> well, coming up, millions of dollars awarded to one family by a baltimore city jury and it's johns hopkins medicine that last to say. that's coming up at 6:00 with jamie costello, which starts right now. well, you picked a bad week to vacation in florida.
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what you can do first to get back safely land how to cut your losses -- and how to cut your losses. >> well, who's accused of stealing gas from the county. jeff hager will tell us this story. >> the latest attraction opens with sort of a screech. i'm roosevelt leftwich. we'll take you inside ripley's believe it or not. >> let's look into annapolis. things are cooling down. today was absolutely beautiful. so how long will this stay us with. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart with your first forecast. >> we're going to be looking good here. our friends getting pounded by the heavy flooding rains of tropical storm debby it. does appear that debby will be loving offshore toward thursday but in the meantime a lot of rain. it's not wind or surge. back here in maryland crystal
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clear with passing clouds. take a look at the winds gusting to 22. low 80s, comfortable. tomorrow we're not upper 80s, enjoyable but it all changes. we have the details coming up. >> you would be hard pressed to see a better place, all the way up through tam parks the florida panhandle is getting mishandled by tropical storm debby. back here at home we're not seeing any of the wind or the rain but that hasn't stopped the tropical storm from affecting our vacation plans. we spoke to one family who just got back from a trip to florida and they said they picked the wrong time to vacation. >> went to magic kingdom and the weather was terrible. the lines were


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